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Charity Partners

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” – Nelson Mandela

Working with our esteemed charity partners, we enable and empower charities across the UK and beyond, helping them expand the breadth and reach of their services – so that more beneficiaries can be helped, and a more significant impact can be had.


Abode is a non-profit organisation which empowers poverty-stricken and vulnerable children in East Africa. It offers long-term opportunities including medical care, a quality education, talent development and a long-term sustainability programme to help these young minds forge a brighter, more self-sufficient future.

Southampton children's hospital

Southampton Children’s Hospital is a major centre for specialist paediatric services in the south of England. It provides acute specialist care to not only the local Southampton population but also to a much larger area, including the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

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People living in societies from all walks of life deserve a quality education, personal development opportunities and access to healthcare and food. At Urban Fox Construction, we continue to work with our dedicated partners who fight tooth and nail to help impoverished and underprivileged societies. Please join us as a charity partner so we can help empower people and pave the way for them to live a more secure and fulfilling life.