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New Builds & Rebuilds

From family homes to apartment buildings and more, we are building experts who completely understand the demands of quality residential living. The team at Urban Fox Construction has vast experience spanning across four decades while working on building and rebuilding projects of all scales. So whether you are planning on undertaking a build or re-build in Southampton, we are ready to help you construct the best-quality residential properties according to your desired specification, timeframe and budget. 

How We Approach Builds & Rebuilds

Our highly experienced and skilled in-house team collaborates with you around the clock to ensure that everything runs smoothly and stays on schedule. As we draw on our extensive skillsets as building and rebuilding specialists, we work around the clock to ensure that every project is delivered on time and on-budget, even if unusual building elements crop up along the way. 

We are adept at scheduling our work as deemed appropriate by the overall construction process. No matter what kind of residential build or re-build projects you have in mind, we work within the confines of all legal requirements, while staying in line with the strictest construction standards and safety regulations.

New Builds and Rebuilds in Southampton – Commonly Asked Questions

Irrespective of your style preferences, we place a lot of emphasis on layout and storage above everything else. Our team of architects, designers, structural engineers and carpenters work closely with you to create spaces that are not only pleasing to the eye but also boast practical and cost-effective spaces which you can be proud of. 

We work routinely with leading architects, designers and builders in the Southampton area and are adept at creating bespoke building and rebuilding solutions to meet and even exceed your expectations. 

Certainly! While we do have an entire network of the most sought after architects, designers and construction engineers that we collaborate with, we can certainly work with an architect and designer of your choosing. We’d even be happy to recommend a few if, for some reason, you wish to work with a third-party architect and/or designer. 

We have a fantastic track record for delivering projects on time and on-budget, and that too while complying with the highest quality, reliability and safety standards. Suffice it to say; you’re in good hands. Take a look at some of our client testimonials if you feel otherwise! 

Your builder failing to meet expectations means that the construction company was probably coming up short in other projects even before working with you. This is one primary reason we advise against accepting the cheapest quote you can find. To ensure that your incomplete building or rebuilding process is a success, we would need to conduct an extensive survey and will let you know honestly if we are in a position to complete the job as per your expectations. 

We have a dedicated site manager who will act as your single-point contact from planning and construction to delivery. 

There is! The duration of the warranty depends on the materials and construction method you choose, among other things. For instance, if you decide to work with a third-party architect and designer, in that case, we cannot offer a warranty, unfortunately. 

All building and rebuilding projects require the exact same supervision, no matter what the scale. This means there are overheads to deal with – it’s not practical for us to accept any jobs valued below £2000. 

However, there is no limit as far as a maximum project size limit goes. 


Here’s a quick look at some of the beautiful builds and rebuilds in Southampton we’ve delivered to our valued clients. 

A full, detailed and back-to-brick refurbishment.
A modern, single-storey extension.

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